A Dozen Ideas To Build Your Prayer Ministry

While a single church can't do all these ideas at once, many of them will help freshen up a congregation's goal to become a house of prayer.

Here's a list that has worked well in many places:

(1) Have several people meet early, before services, and pray for the preacher, visitors, the worship service, the hurting people who'll come, etc.

(2) Have "Prayer Walks" by getting members to pray for the community, silently or softly, as they walk in groups around the community, the schools, businesses, government offices, etc.

(3) Schedule "Prayer Drives" (similar to the above) having members drive the streets of your community and pray.

(4) Let members volunteer as "Prayer Missionaries" - intercessors who'll "stand with" a particular missionary family in prayer every day. Have them do research on that missionary and his family, his assignment, etc.

(5) Have volunteers become your preacher's "Prayer Support Team" - people who'll pray for him and his family daily, and who'll pray even as he preaches and teaches. (You can also organize the same team concept for Bible Class teachers and other key workers.)

(6) Develop a "Rescue Squad" - a group that will pray daily for all the collected names of those who don't know Christ.

(7) Set up a program of "Adoption Prayer." Members can adopt certain people or groups to pray for - such as, "Adopt-a-Cop," "Adopt-a-Teacher," "Adopt-a-School," etc.

(8) Design a program of "Prayer Triplets" by dividing the congregation into groups of three people who'll pray for each other daily for the next three months. They can pray together or apart, share burdens or not, but they agree to pray for each other daily.

(9) Develop "Lighthouses of Prayer." Small groups of from two to six Christians meet together weekly to pray for their neighborhood. They can meet at lunch, in homes, at work, at school after dropping-off the children, etc.(See "www.harvestprayer.com" for more details.)

(10) Design a "Prayer Chain" - an organized list of all members who'll volunteer to pray in emergency or urgent situations. Remember, if the Prayer Chain isn't used it will fall apart. Use the Chain for important requests that arise when the church isn't assembled.

(11) Set up a "Prayer Wall" in your church where requests, answers, missions, etc. can be displayed visually - a place where members can stand and pray as motivated.

(12) Develop a "Prayer Covering" over your town. Have volunteers pray for every name in the phone book of your immediate area. Then send cards to each prayed-for person informing them that the church has prayed over their family, and asking if they have special requests.

These twelve items can help freshen up your congregation's prayer ministry.

-Keith Roberts

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