Welcome from David Newberry

davidnewberry"Leaders don't create followers, they create more leaders"
(Tom Peters in Fast Company)

On behalf of Churches of Christ Online, I'd like to welcome you to the Leadership Ministry Home Page. The purpose of this resource is to effectively present Biblically-based material on the subject of leadership which can be used by those seeking to become better leaders and by those teaching on the subject of leadership.

The quote above from Tom Peters accurately represents my feeling regarding leadership. For too long, churches have been a fertile breeding ground for those who desire to "lord it over the flock" and who distort positions of leadership into opportunities for self-promotion. The leadership principles of Jesus emphasize the one who leads from the foot of the table and who carries with him a basin and a towel.

I welcome your input and your suggestions for resources to post on this page. Contact me at dnewberry@cconline.org.

Remember that the ultimate purpose of leadership is to lead people to God.

David Newberry
Director of Leadership Ministry Resources

Director of Development
Freed-Hardeman University
Henderson, Tennessee

Minister of Involvement
Campbell Street church of Christ
Jackson, Tennessee

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